Sustainability is baked into who we are, why we’re in business & how we operate. 

Since 2013, we’ve found two businesses that have an environmental sustainability focus. 

Our products protect and provide nutrition to Australian crops,  and work to reinforce Australia’s global reputation as a supplier of safe, high-quality food nationally, and internationally.

Adhering to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Adhering to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Not only do we adhere to Australia’s current ESG and sustainability standards, we’re always looking towards the future. 

In 2015, the United Nations identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals to build a greener, fairer, better world by 2030. Achieving these goals relies on action and investment by businesses of all shapes and sizes — including Tanuki. 

Here are some of the ways we’re contributing to these goals.

2. Zero Hunger

  • As a manufacturer and distributor of crop nutrition & protection inputs,  our products protect crops from diseases and deliver essential nutrients, playing a critical role in ensuring a secure supply of food across Australia.
  • As a net exporter of food, many of the crops that use our products end up overseas either as fresh produce or manufactured food and beverage products.

Find out more about the UN’s Goal, Zero Hunger.

Zero Hunger

5. Gender Equality

  • In the heavily male-dominated agricultural industry, nearly half of Tanuki’s workforce is female, with a number of them in leadership positions. 

Find out more about the UN’s Goal, Gender Equality. 
Gender Equality

7. Affordable & Clean Energy

  • At Tanuki’s head office, production facility and warehouse in Toowoomba, we operate a 70kW solar system, which produces enough electricity to cover Tanuki’s and other tenants’ energy requirements,  and exports surplus back to the grid.

Find out more about the UN’s Goal, Affordable & Clean Energy.
Affordable & Clean Energy 

8. Decent Work & Economic Growth

  • Since our establishment in 2014, we’ve had year-on-year growth, resulting in an increased workforce size. Throughout our expansion, we’ve established three new businesses, providing new and diverse opportunities for young people through internships and graduate employment.

Find out more about the UN’s Goal, Decent Work & Economic Growth
Decent Work & Economic Growth

9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

  • At Tanuki, we’re dedicated to investing in new infrastructure, building a 2,400m2 warehouse and offices in Toowoomba that is close to major transport routes and Wellcamp Airport.
  • By providing learning and development opportunities, investing in research internally and with research organisations, and maintaining an in-depth understanding of farming operations, Tanuki continues to foster a culture of innovation across our business.

Find out more about the UN’s Goal, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

12. Responsible Production & Consumption

  • At Tanuki, we take pride in our responsible production and consumption patterns. All our products’ packaging is 100% recyclable and also reusable.
  • Plus, our key supplier Nordox, manufactures copper fungicide from 100% recycled copper using a closed circuit system for its process water, resulting in no emissions other than clean steam.

Find out more about the UN’s Goal, Responsible Production & Consumption.
Responsible Production & Consumption

13. Climate Action

  • In addition to the measures that Tanuki is taking such as utilising solar power and recyclable packaging, we’re expanding the range of products that we distribute and manufacture that reduce N2O emissions.
  • In 2014, Tanuki founded a new company, Pyrocal, to add value to agricultural waste by transforming it into biochar.
  • Today, Pyrocal has evolved to become a world leader in industrial-scale biochar systems and is actively developing the biochar market in Australia.
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has identified biochar as one of the most promising net-negative emissions technologies that, in addition to mitigating climate change, also delivers many co-benefits including improving soil water and nutrient retention.

Find out more about the UN’s Goal, Climate Action
Climate Action

15. Life on Land

  • Our joint venture businesses, Pyrocal and Fertec, both have a focus on improving the land. 
  • Through designing and fabricating systems that produce biochar from agricultural and human waste that captures and stores carbon, Pyrocal improves soil fertility and immobilises heavy metals, and organic pollutants in soil and water. 
  • Fertec, through its micronised gypsum product, Entra, improves soil structure and in turn the ability of the soil to take in and store water.

Find out more about the UN’s Goal, Life on Land

Life on Land

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