Tackling micronutrient deficiencies & enhancing plant development 

In 2023, Tanuki entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with BASF Australia to supply BASF’s range of high-quality chelated trace elements to the Australian market. 
The Librel® chelate range is compatible with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and more, and its easy-to-use and convenient microgranular formulation offers quality and effectiveness and provides a cost-effective solution for micronutrient requirements. 
The Librel® range complements Tanuki’s existing range to deliver increased value to growers across Australia.


Higher Yields

Librel® chelates enhance plant development and maximise yield by improving plant nutrition and soil fertility. BASF micronutrients replenish key soil elements whose deficiencies cannot be replaced by NPK fertilisers. 


The Librel® range is based on well-established EDTA and DTPA chelate chemistry which provides highly stable and bioavailable micronutrient sources. Stability leads to rapid crop absorption and optimum biological performance. Librel® chelates are proven in trials and have been used successfully in fields for more than 30 years worldwide. 


Many Librel® micronutrient products conform to the definition EC fertiliser. All Librel® micronutrients are manufactured with BASF high-performance Trilon chelating agents.

Crop Safe

Because Librel® chelates are not caustic at recommended rates there is minimal risk of leaf scorch or root damage, problems often associated with inorganic formulations.  


All Librel® chelates are compatible with a wide range of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other crop protection products. This enables convenient and economical tank mixing. Librel® products are also completely stable in the presence of soluble phosphates in foliar and soluble fertilisers.


Supplied as free-flowing, dustless microgranules, Librel® chelates dissolve rapidly and completely, even in hard or cold water. There are no insoluble particles present which could cause filter or nozzle clogging. They are suitable for addition to spray tanks through filter baskets or modern bowl systems. 

Use Rates

The effectiveness of Librel® chelates enables much lower use rates compared to traditional inorganic micronutrients and even liquid chelate formulations. 


No special precautions are necessary. Most liquid micronutrient formulations need to be protected from frost by storing in heated warehouses. Compared to equivalent liquid formulations, less than half the weight is needed to treat a given area. 


Librel® chelates offer excellent value for money. Their full value becomes apparent when the advantages of outstanding compatibility with spray tank mixes are taken into account, resulting in significant savings on application costs.


Librel® mixed element chelates are specifically designed for convenience and provide all necessary metals in one single product. Thus, it is assured that the plant takes up all required metals for healthy growth. 

Librel® Applications

  • Arable crops 
  • Horticultural 
  • Orchards 
  • Ornamentals 
  • Hydroponic systems 
  • Fertiliser formulations 

BASF Chelated Trace Elements

Product Range     Description
Chaufer®     6% FeEDDHA iron chelate containing 5.0% Fe is the most biologically effective ortho-ortho isomer available.
Libfer® SP     6.2% IRON, fully chelated with EDDHA, it thrives in a wide pH range, from 3 to 10.5.
Librel® FeLo     13.2% IRON, fully chelated with EDTA, it's an ideal fit for moderately alkaline soils up to pH 7.5, suitable for soil, foliar, and hydroponic use.
Librel® Calcium     9.5% Ca, it's designed for efficient foliar application.
Librel® Copper     14.0% Cu, it's a versatile solution for soil, foliar, and hydroponic use.
Librel® Magnesium     14.7% Mg, this chelate is ideal for foliar application.
Librel® Manganese     13.0% Mn. For soil, foliar and hydroponic use.
Librel® Zinc     15.0% Zn, it's perfect for soil, foliar, and hydroponic use.
Librel® BMX     The 'B' mixture is a unique combination product, ideal for soil, foliar, and hydroponic use.

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