About Nordox

Based in Oslo, Norway, Nordox AS manufactures and distributes cuprous oxide products across the world.

As a leading global supplier of cuprous oxides for the marine paint industry, fish farm net dips, and the agrochemical industry with fertiliser, animal feed and copper fungicides, Nordox distributes it’s750WG Copper Fungicide to the Australian market through its Australian partner, Tanuki.

About Nordox

About Nordox 750WG Copper Fungicide

Nordox 750WG Copper Fungicide contains 750g/Kg copper (Cu) present as cuprous oxide. 

Nordox 750WG Copper Fungicide is a red copper solution designed for effective fungal and bacterial disease control for a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, nut and field crops.

Its smaller particles ensure greater fungicidal and bactericidal activity to deliver superior performance in disease control and persistence. 

With its larger surface area per gram, the fungicide releases more copper ions in the presence of moisture to enhance retention and efficacy for better coverage, adhesion, and protection on crop surfaces. 

Its uniform formulation and wettable granules (WG) make the product easy to measure, and the granules disperse rapidly in water, creating a fine suspension of micronised particles. 

*Please refer to the Label for application methods and timings relevant to your crop.


Proven Results

Nordox 750WG has many years of success across a wide range of crops.

Cost Effective

Nordox 750WG is a high-analysis and high-purity product. As a result, the product can be applied to relatively low rates per hectare.

Crop Safety

Nordox 750WG is safe to apply to crop foliage at the suggested use rate.


Nordox 750 WG is compatible with most commonly used fungicides, insecticides and miticides. (Always check the label).

Rain Fast

Nordox 750WG has excellent adherence to the plant surface in wet and windy weather conditions and under spray irrigation, due to the small particle size of the formulation. This ensures a constant supply of copper ions resulting in fungicidal and bactericidal activity over an extended period.

Certified Organic

Nordox 750WG is certified for organic production. Please download current Certificates from the Nordox website.

Ease of Use

  • The unique Nordox 750WG micro-granular formulation makes it simple to use.
  • The micro granules are easy to measure and handle with low dust.
  • The granules disperse rapidly into water as a suspension with agitation.


  • Nordox 750WG is packaged in weather-resistant 15kg plastic pails that are easy to handle and transport.
  • The product formulation is stable and can be stored from one season to the next.
  • Straightforward inventory management.
  • The plastic pails are easy to count.
  • There are sixty four pails to a pallet.

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