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Glaze Extend is a urease inhibitor coating designed to be directly applied to urea using batch or continuous flow blending and handling systems.
Glaze Extend contains the active ingredient N-(n-Butyl)thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) which functions as an inhibitor of the enzyme urease. 
Urease pervasive in soil microorganisms converts urea into ammonia, which is susceptible to volatilisation if produced faster than it can be utilised by plants.

Weather Insurance for Urea


Solvent Free

PH NeutralEmulsion is made from non-food competing sourcesEmulsion is biodegradableWater-based

Coated Vs. Uncoated

Enables coated urea to be used in blends and remain effective as a urease inhibitor product.
Glaze Extend on average reduces N-loss from top dress urea by 8% (Range 0-29%) *GRDC, February 2021.

Quick Drying

Fast spreading – enables quick and even coating on urea
Quick drying with low curing time – Can be dispatched as coated urea immediately after manufacture
Can be used in all fertiliser blending equipment

Logistical Benefits

Manufactured product to be stored for extended periods
Tests have shown Glaze Extend is still active on urea, 180 days after coating
Product comes in ready-to-use liquid

Handling Benefits

No offensive odours

Directions for use

Mix thoroughly before use.
Glaze Extend is to be applied undiluted and uniformly to granular Urea in batch or continuous blending systems.
Glaze Extend can be applied to straight Urea granules or UAN.
Use at room temperature, do not heat unless the product is below 5 degrees Celsius.
Urea coated by Glaze Extend doesn’t require any curing time.


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