How it works 

When added to water, Verno’s micro granules disperse rapidly, resulting in a fine suspension of micronised particles that can be used for foliar or pop-up applications.

The micronised particles stay on plant surfaces, strongly resisting rain, irrigation or wind dislodgement. This persistence provides plants with a continuous source of available micronutrient ions throughout the growth of the crop.

Verno micronutrients are perfect for various crops including:

  • Almonds

  • Citrus 

  • Cotton 

  • Maize & Sweet Corn

  • Prunes

  • Stone fruit

  • Vegetable Crop 

  • Viticulture Crop 

  • Winter Cropping


Proven in the Field

Verno has many years of success across a wide range of crops.

Cost Effective

Verno is a high-analysis and high-purity product. As a result, Verno can be applied at relatively low rates per hectare.

Typical usage rates are 100 to 250 grams per hectare.

Crop Safety

Verno formulations are safe for crop foliage at the suggested use rates. In furrow applications with seed are also crop-safe at suggested use rates.


All Verno products are compatible and can be blended to achieve the right balance of micronutrients.

The products are also physically compatible with a wide range of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and fertilisers when the spray solution is above pH 6.0.

Rain Fast

Verno has excellent adherence to the plant surface in wet and windy weather conditions and under spray irrigation, due to the small particle size of the formulation. This ensures a constant supply of available nutrients over an extended period.

Certified Organic

Verno Micronutrients are certified for organic production. 

Ease of Use

The unique Verno micro-granular formulation makes it simple to use.

Verno micro granules are easy to measure and handle with low dust.

The granules disperse rapidly into water as a suspension with agitation.

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Find out more about Verno micronutrients

Versatile Application

The application of Verno is versatile:

  • Foliar - boom spray, aerial or orchard sprayer.
  • Row crops - pop-up with seed and/or pesticide.
  • Broadacre cropping - down the tube mixed with UAN at seeding.
  • Suitable as soil drenches when transplanting.
  • Wide-ranging compatibility in tank mixes.

Application Rates

  • Verno can be applied at relatively low rates per hectare. Typical usage rates are 100 to 250 grams per hectare.
  • Multiple low-rate applications have proven the most effective.
  • Please seek professional advice regarding the use of Verno products, as suited to your circumstances.


 Copper (as Cuprous Oxide) Zinc (as Zinc oxide) Manganese (as Manganese Carbonate)
Verno Copper + Zinc300g/kg300g/kg 
Verno Copper750g/kg  
Verno Zinc  600g/kg 
Verno Manganese   340g/kg
Verno Trio Mn = 17%150g/kg150g/kg150g/kg


Mixing Instructions

The application of Verno is versatile:

  • Fill the spray tank 3/4 with water, then add the required amount of Verno granules to the tank with continuous thorough agitation.
  • Completely disperse the granules in the spray tank before adding any other mixing partners.
  • Continuous vigorous agitation is required to maintain the suspension of the micronised particles.
  • Do not mix with other products before complete suspension. Mixing with other products is not recommended unless the compatibility is confirmed by the manufacturer of that product.

Cleaning After Use

The application of Verno is versatile:

  • Completely flush the tank and lines immediately after use.
  • For information relating to spray equipment cleaning and hygiene when using Verno, contact us. 

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