Tanuki is the Australian distributor for Nordox As Norway, manufacturers of organic certified copper and zinc fertilisers and fungicides.



Nordox 750WG Copper Fungicide contains 750g/Kg Copper (Cu) present as cuprous oxide, Group M fungicide. NORDOX provides safe, effective fungal and bacterial disease control in a wide range of fruit, nut, vegetable and field crops and is certified for organic production.


Verno FG


Verno FG granules consist of Cuprous oxide and Zinc oxide, formed together as organic certified, easy to use, crop safe and water dispersible. Micronisation provides optimum coverage, retention and persistence on the plant with a long term release of nutrients.




Glaze Fertiliser Coatings directly attach micronutrients, copper and zinc, to fertilizer granules in continuous or batch blending and handling systems. Each and every granule carries the same amount of micronutrient ensuring accurate distribution of available micronutrient to each and every plant.


About Tanuki

Tanuki is an Australian company that produces, imports and exports, specialty fertiliser products and crop protection inputs for quality focused, farming and horticulture customers.

Tanuki imports and distributes:

  • NORDOX 750WG COPPER FUNGICIDE containing 750g/Kg Copper (Cu) present as cuprous oxide.
  • Verno FG Cu30+Zn30 copper and zinc fertilizer for foliar & soil applications.
  • NORDOX Agro Grade cuprous oxide for stockfeed and fertiliser applications.

Nordox produce Organic Certified, high quality, copper and zinc fungicides for control of a broad range of fungal and bacterial disease in fruit, vegetable, nut and field crops and forestry.

Verno FG is a copper and zinc micronutrient fertiliser for foliar & soil use in horticulture and field crops.

The relationship between the Directors of Tanuki and Nordox spans 20 years. Collaborative research world-wide and on Australian farms and orchards has driven product development and technological advancement. Unique, high concentration, new generation WG fungicide formulations and copper and zinc FG micronutrients have been developed to be dust free, safe and easy to use.
These formulations pour like liquids, can be measured volumetrically, disperse rapidly in spray tanks and have wide compatibility in tank mixes. A high level of crop safety with low phytotoxic risk make NORDOX products market leaders.

Australian produced Glaze Copper Fertiliser Coating and Glaze Zinc Fertiliser Coating are polymeric formulated fertilizer coatings that incorporate the same high quality copper and zinc as ingredients. They are used to supply copper and zinc to plants and correct deficiencies by coating granular fertilizer. Each and every fertilizer granule carries the same amount of copper and/or zinc, ensuring even distribution of micronutrient in the applied fertilizer band. Glaze Copper and Glaze Zinc is available to each and every plant.